Ssesse Islands

The Hallmarks Tours & Travel organizes for you the best memorable and Special Honeymoon packages,

Stay at Pearl Beach Gardens Kalangala for 3 nights at a rate of  900,000/= for the first 3 nights and each extra night is shs 250,000 including transport from Kampala and back plus all meals and activities.

Directions to Pearl Beach Gardens Kalangala
Option 1
• The MV Kalangala leaves Nakiwogo Landing Site–Entebbe at 2:00pm local time and docks in at Lutoboka, 50m from Pearl Gardens beach.
Option 2
• Kampala to Nyendo (Masaka)
• From Nyendo to Bukakata-Kachanga Pier
• At Kachanga Pier, take a ferry free of charge and cross to Bugoma Landing Site (45 minutes)
• From Bugoma Landing Site drive down to Kalangala Town (1 hour)
• From Kalangala Town, slide down to Lotoboka Bay home of Pearl Gardens Beach.

Or Four (4) Nights at Ssese Islands Beach Hotel: Ug. Shs 850,000/= ($355)

This includes:
* Boarding, breakfast, lunch and supper served with a soft drink
* Free Room Service (when required)
* Free Guided Forest/nature Walk
* Free canoeing along the beach for about 30 minutes

For the number of nights above 4, a 10% discount is offered.

How to get there:

By Ship

By Kalangala Ship from Entebbe, Nakiwogo pier. It leaves from Nakiwogo daily at 2.00 pm prompt, arriving Lutoboka Pier at 5.00 pm, docking about 300 metres from the Hotel, along the white sand beach. The ship leaves for Entebbe (Nakiwogo pier) daily from Lutoboka at 8.00 am prompt, arriving Nakiwogo at 11.00 am. Prices for the ship range from Ug. Shs 10,000/= - 14,000/= per person single journey.

It carries a maximum of 108 people, and a maximum of 9 small vehicles but less when it carries some big vehicles like Lorries etc.

• Guests are advised to be at the pier at least 30 minutes before departure.


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