Gorilla Tracking

Gorilla TrackingGorilla Tracking in Bwindi

It is a humbling experience to stand just meters from man’s distant cousins as they eat rest, play and bond with their young. Gorilla tracking takes place in four locations, starting at 8:30am daily.

Following a briefing, visitors embark on a forest trek lasting from a few hours up to a full day, depending on the location of the gorillas as they range freely in the impenetrable forest. Tours are limited to a maximum of eight people and visitors spend a maximum of one hour in the company of the gorillas in order to minimize behavioural disturbance and risk of disease transmission.

Gorilla Tracking in Mgahinga National Park

The hallmarks travels guide will lead you through the gorillas’ world, surrounded by wild forest and impressive birdlife and explaining the gorillas’ behaviour along the way.

Tracking excursions normally leave from Ntebeko Entrance Gate at 8am daily and lasts between two and four hours. Visitors should please note that the Nyakagezi gorilla group moves frequently into the adjacent forests in Rwanda and DR Congo, but may only be tracked when they are in Uganda.

Visitors spend a maximum of one hour with the group in order to minimize disturbance.