Sport Fishing

Spot FishingUganda is situated on the elevated basin which rises between the Eastern and the western branches of the Great Rift Valley. Up to 25% of Uganda's surface is covered by water. Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the second largest fresh water body in the world with plenty of enormous Nile perch that are a mind-blowing spectacle.

Lakes Albert, Edward and George lying on the Congolese border as well as Lake Kyoga in the centre of the country all offer great sites for sport fishing trips. The mighty River Nile, world's second longest river also offers opportunities for fishing at various points.

If you love fishing either as a pastime or for any other reason, sport fishing is one of the hallmarks travels’ exciting activities that will make your Ugandan trip personal and memorable.

The hallmarks travels will arrange fishing trips for both the Beginners and the more experienced anglers.

Over 354 fish species have been recorded in Uganda's water bodies. The major commercial and common species include Nile Perch, cat fish and Tilapia which are also the main fish targets of most tourists. Other fish species include Rastrinabola, Protopterus, lung fish, among others. The delicacy of these fish species is excellent while catching a Nile perch weighing over 210 kg is incredible.

Fishing trips are very enjoyable, relaxing and also very exciting sport. Book with the hallmarks travels for sport fishing in Murchison falls national parks, Lake Mburo National park, shores of Kalangala Island for full day fishing where you expect to catch Nile perch, silver fish, and mud fish.

Victoria Nile River where sport fishing is done in some sites at the bottom of the falls and the on  Lake Kyoga the fish we expect to catch are tilapia and mud fish, as you view both aquatic and terrestrial creatures like the Crocodiles, Hippos, birds, buffaloes, and

Fishing along the Albert Nile, following the Nile and other small rivers like river Ora will be crossed through.

The hallmarks travels will take you sport fishing along the Nile in Moyo near Adjumani side towards Nimule, where you will get an opportunity to visit the local communities in the area as we learn about their ways of living.